TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION: as an independent studios are focused on the creation, development, productions and distributions of our In House productions. 



TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS owns this website, all content stated and announced on this website. You agree as visiting the TDS website by all terms and notifications of this company website which can change unannounced. Other options are offered is any clause is violated in said agreements.


WEBSITE: This website cannot be copied, duplicated, transferred or delivered which violates United State Copyright Laws, Trademarks and Conventions both Domestic and International. 


AGE REQUIREMENTS: All visitors must be over the age of 18, if not an adult is required. There are no explicit content allowed.


COPYRIGHTS,TRADEMARKS: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS owns all announced projects: VENDETTA VETTE (c) - MAYDAY NEW YORK (c) - TUCSON VICE (c) - ROCKHANDS ARMY (c) - ALBERT BOND (c) are all registered copyrights of TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS. Any violation of these Laws both Domestic and International are subject to Federal and International Crimes via the FBI and a monetary penalty of $250,000. 


SUBMISSIONS: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS does not accept unsolicited materials as scripts, treatments, log lines and more without a Release from the Author, Agent or Publisher. Any submission that violates this Term shall be deleted.


MATERIALS TDS: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS owns all scripts, treatments, log lines, budgets, photos images etc that are the property of TDS. If any material is sent to a Third arty for a read etc if no agreement is made  any and ALL TDS materials MUST be returned via the agreement within FIVE Days or be subject to a non return fine.


NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA): TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS does not send any information, materials, communications etc without a (NDA) signed by all parties involved as per said agreement. If no (NDA) is signed by a third party, no further communications shall proceed.


RELEASE: Any visitor of this TDS website cannot hold TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION or any of it's agents, employees, vendors, collaborations etc liable for any reason under said Terms.


SEXUAL HARASSMENT: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS does not tolerate any form of harassment to any Cast member, Crew member, Employees etc of any kind towards any person shall result  for the Immediate Termination of any Cast, Crew, Employee or Collaboration Partner to any person associated with TDS.


PROP (COLD GUN) SAFETY: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS does not allow ANY PERSON to handle any PROP GUN while on set, location or sound stage without The FIVE TDS STEP TERMS for the ultimate safety to all Cast and Crews while under productions.


NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL DURING PRODUCTIONS,ON SET, ON THE LOT: TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS does not allow any drugs, alcohol during productions for any TDS project from any cast, crews, agents, managers, vendors, legal and or any partner, co-producer, collaborations etc. Any violation of this TERM shall result in an immediate suspension with no pay for 10 days. TDS  shall offer assistance for a rehab in Tucson, AZ. If still violated any and all contractual agreements are immediately terminated.