"The Sally Abney Rose Mansion Story" Television Movie 12-2025

Press Release: https://www.prlog.org/12984477-anderson-sc-historic-mansion-story-to-be-television-movie-2024.html


From TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS comes this historical true story based in Anderson, SC all beginning in 1948....

"The Sally Abney-Rose Mansion"

From the story of a Great Southern Lady Ms. Sally Abney-Rose who built the great Southern Mansion in 1948, whom held socialite events, history making events for the County and South Carolina and more... That all came to an end when Ms. Abney-Rose died in her mansion in 2005 which left the great Mansion into neglect, no protection from being destroyed to protect the Southern History which was sold in 2007 to a construction company to make way for a new shopping and more center. The home is slated for demolishing to make way for a parking lot...... TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS is making efforts to make the Mansion a Historic Preservation Marker and to add the Great Mansion to the South Carolina Preservation Society, Anderson Historical Society and the National Registry so this great Mansion is never forgotten after the Mansion is demolished when the Builder could have saved the Great Mansion to bring the now lost history and the forgotten Ms Sally Abney -Rose as never forgotten. All agencies that assist in making this Great Mansion into an historic site and marker shall receive a rolling thank you in the movie which is now in development for 2024  Partially filmed in Anderson, SC


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