TDS Brand Integration Product Placement Movies & Television

TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS formats of projects includes Brand Integration Product Placement for Your companies products to be incorporated into any TDS feature films, television or streaming formats. As your global audience to provide to the World products that enhance any TDS project that shall grow the partners products from placements on sets, locations and more. 


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS as compensated Brand Integration to offset productions costs not only gives our Brand Integration partners growth and added exposure. Today, audiences are turned off to extensive commercials, which the Brand may not be able to sell to their markets globally. By having Your companies products incorporated into a TDS project, there is no need for the added expense of commercials, rather by partnering with TDS saves Your company money on advertising and more.


Current Projects for Brand Integration Compensated:


VENDETTA VETTE (c) Female Strong Genre, Female Markets and more, feature film, streaming, pay per view, dvd-blu-ray 2025

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